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Rates and Procedures

    Senior Consultant $ 85.00 per hour*
    Vehicle Expenses $ 0.41 per mile
    Reimbursable Expenses (See Below)   At Cost

* The hourly cost incurred while preparing a Request for an Equitable Adjustment (REA) or incurred during the successful appeal of an unfavorable Final Decision by the Contracting Officer can generally be recovered under the Equal Access to Justice Act (EAJA) in direct proportion to the degree to which our position was found to be justified.

The hourly billing rate includes routine expenses such as telephone calls, facsimile transmission, photocopying, et cetera.

As an attractive alternative to or extension of an hourly rate billing, CCSI offers a get acquainted flat rate plan of $400.00 per month that includes the first three hours of face-to-face or telephone consulting time with Paul Perkins and the presentation of an unlimited number of relatively simple e-mail questions or situations each month.

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