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James W. Brown
2020 Tall Ridge Road
Melbourne FL 32935

(321) 242-0103

Mr. Brown has a B.S. degree in Computer Science from the Florida Institute of Technology. Since his graduation, he has worked uninterrupted for almost thirty years in the fields of scientific and engineering applications programming, project management, management consulting and delay and impact analysis.

Since 1990, Mr. Brown has been an independent consultant specializing in preparing automated project schedules, delay and microcomputer applications and training others in these fields of expertise. He performs delay and impact analysis and is available to present testimony relative to the alleged delays and the impacts of those delays before the various Agency Boards of Contract Appeals and Federal Courts in the capacity of an expert witness. He prepared the network analysis system on the $110 million VA Hospital in West Palm Beach, FL, various NASA and USAF projects and for other equally demanding Government agencies. Among his accomplishments was the performing of delay and impact analysis and the presentation of Expert Witness testimony for delay claims involving a $100 million solid waste facility in Virginia, a multi-million dollar VA hospital in Nashville, Tennessee and at Universal Studios, Florida. Work on the Universal Studios claim resulted in the dismissal of a $250,000 delay claim in its entirety. He regularly provides microcomputer assistance to law offices, corporations and other independent consultants.

During the ten years before becoming an independent consultant, Mr. Brown worked as a Senior Consultant and Scheduler with Brownell-Bitner & Associates during which time he analyzed construction schedules, change orders, and other construction documents involved in major construction claims. He also provided Expert Witness testimony while working for Brownell-Bitner & Associates. During this period he designed and implemented the CPM schedules for numerous construction projects including NASA, Holmes Regional Medical Center, Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center, Westinghouse Steam Turbine, and EPCOT Living Seas Pavilion. He worked closely with major clients providing assistance in scheduling and defining requirements for complex software systems. In addition, he was responsible for day-to-day computer operations of all in-house scheduling and data base systems. He was noted for his ability to take an existing software package and tailor it to fit the needs of a particular client by modifications, enhancements, the addition of new and different reports, adding multiple file capability, adding meaningful error messages, improved search capability and improved loop reporting.

Other areas of expertise include, the development of real time control applications, real time data acquisition, real time data reduction, computer modeling, design and implementation of graphics applications, task planning and scheduling, system specifications, and the integration and testing of completed software systems. Mr. Brown’s programming experience included such highly technical functions as calculations associated with rocket propulsion and antenna propagation.

Mr. Brown has the training and software to perform scheduling and delay/impact analysis utilizing Primavera Project Planner (P3), SureTrack, PMS-II, CMCS, PREMIS and MSCS. He is proficient in and regularly develops electronic spreadsheets in Excel, Quattro Pro, Lotus 123, and Supercalc. He regular works in ACCESS, Condor, Smart, and DataStar data base systems. He is fluent in FORTRAN and BASIC with some use of assembler.

Mr. Brown’s publications include:

“Mean Solar Radiation for Florida Cities”, Florida Solar Energy Center, April 1977
“Use, not equipment, often cause of failure.” Florida Specifier, April 1984
“Computer Advances in Critical Path Scheduling”, Florida Specifier, November 1986
“Contractors and Their Genes, or Why Can’t I Get My Project On Time?” Florida Specifier,
March 1990
“The Week of Chaos, CPM Scheduling Applied to Magazine Publishing” PM NETWORK,
Project Management Institute, February 1992

He is an active member of the Citizen’s Advisory Committee for the Metropolitan Planning Organization.

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