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  The founder of Construction Contract Specialists (CCSI), Mr. Paul Perkins, worked in various management and supervisory positions with the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) for more than twenty-five years. He was both a warranted Administrative Contracting Officer and an Authorized Representative of the Contracting Officer. Early in his career, Mr. Perkins became very specialized in the field of contract administration that encompassed the issuance and negotiation of change orders, the analysis and eventual satisfactory resolution of Contractor claims and assuring that the various Contractors were properly and timely paid. You are invited to review his resume that is posted in this website.

  Working within the USACE in the capacity of a commissioned officer and later as a civil service employee in a variety of positions within their network of Resident and Area offices, Mr. Perkins not only gained extremely valuable training and experience but came to the realization that large contractors had a distinct advantage over small to medium sized firms in their attempts to obtain, fulfill the requirements of, and profit from Government construction contracts.

    During the last few years of Perkins' career with the USACE, the Government was making the very rapid transition from making awards to the lowest responsive and responsible bidder by the process of publishing request for bids (RFB) to the negotiated procurement process of request for proposals (RFP). He was a voting member on several source selection committees. He noted then and continues to note even today that many small to medium size Contractors are not prepared for this extremely important government contracting evolution upon which their very existence rests.

  This disadvantage on the part of the smaller contractors became obvious during the solicitation phase from the quality of the packages submitted in response to the initial RFP. As a result of the very rigid rules within the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) and the USACE's fear of unnecessarily creating an opportunity for a bid protest, it is very unfortunate that most construction firms that were not selected never truly understand the reasons and never come to the realization that, to a great extent, the quality of the presentations, specifically a weakness in their writing ability and the overall appearance of their presentation compared to that of their competitors, significantly influenced the outcome of the award of valuable government contracts. This is the result of the restrictions placed upon the Chairman of the selection committee prohibiting a direct comparison of the offerors proposal with that of the winning proposal. Even after the award is made, this disadvantage continues to manifest itself in the incompleteness and relatively poor quality of the Quality Control, Accident Prevention and Environmental Protection plans, the network analysis system, et cetera. These shortcomings eventually result in a less than exceptional overall performance evaluation that, over a period of time, compounds the small and medium sized contractors problems and make it even more difficult for these firms to be competitive in the arena of negotiated procurement.

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