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Contract Administration Support
Before and During Construction

  The staff of Construction Contract Specialists (CCSI) has a vast amount of experience reading and understanding the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR), Government specifications, ASTM's, et cetera. While employed by the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), private Contractors and working as a consultant to Federal Government Contractors, they have physically prepared or reviewed and approved literally hundreds of mandatory administrative plans and procedures. They maintain an electronic database of such plans that have been previously submitted and approved on various types of projects with the USACE, U. S. Navy, U.S. Air Force, U.S. Coast Guard, NASA, Veterans Administration and others. This database permits them to site adapt, prepare and assemble such administrative plans and procedures that are both project specific and produced at the lowest possible costs to their clients. This service is not only economical but is praised by the various Government procurement offices and allows the Contractor to concentrate their efforts on getting the project bought out, submittal packages assembled and the personnel and plant mobilized on the project site. The projects get off on a correct footing when it is possible to submit all mandatory administrative plans at or in advance of the pre-construction conference.

Post-award Type Support
  The staff of CCSI has many years experience drafting highly complex and/or potentially controversial letters to various Government agencies. As is evidenced by the links to other websites on the CCSI website, the staff of CCSI is extremely well versed in all aspects of Government contract administration. Specifically, the following is a partial list of the post-award type support offered by CCSI:

  • Preparation of subcontract documents to include agreements with A/E firms in a design-build arrangement;
  • Preparation of formal teaming or joint venture arrangements;
  • Preparation of quality control, accident prevention, hazard analysis and environmental protection plans with all the mandatory exhibits to such plans;
  • Preparation of health and safety plans for working in hazardous waste sites;
  • Preparation of plans for handling, storing and disposal of PCBs and other hazardous materials;
  • Preparation, maintenance and updating of network analysis systems;
  • Preparation of complex request for information (RFIs);
  • Analyzing and responding to complex or potentially controversial Government letters;
  • Preparation of request for equitable adjustments (REAs);
  • Analyzing formal Government proposed or constructively issued change orders, preparing cost proposals and negotiating an equitable settlement;
  • Rebutting cure letters and rebutting or appealing unsatisfactory performance evaluations;
  • Dealing with DCAA auditors, attending exit briefings and rebutting the auditors findings, if warranted;
  • Dealing with or rebutting the Department of Labor alleged Davis-Bacon or Fair Labor Standards Act violations;
  • Rebuttal and/or appeal of OSHA violations and related fines;
  • Rebut any unfair and unjust punch list items;
  • Dispute unfair and unjust demands for warranty work;
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