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Mission Statement
of Construction Contract Specialists

  Construction Contract Specialists (CCSI) was founded in June 1995 for the express purpose of providing reliable and highly qualified cradle-to-grave type assistance to small and medium sized contractors at an affordable price. As a result of the vast amount of research work performed for large law and expert witness firms, CCSI currently has a mixture of large and small business clients.

  CCSI is committed to providing both instructional and hands on assistance on a full range of contract administration and contract law related issues with the physical work being performed in the office of CCSI or the office of its clients depending on the desires of the client and the efficiency of the two options. CCSI first became involved with one of its older clients when it had only been incorporated for approximately one year. CCSI has trained many of their officers, management personnel and project superintendents. They have grown into a company with a $20.M per year placement.

  Approximately half of the CCSI's efforts are devoted to the preparation and pursuit of REA's or formal Contract Disputes Act (CDA) claims against the Government with the balance devoted to assisting contractors with tasks ranging from the preparation of proposals in respond to RFBs, preparation of a variety of mandatory administrative plans, assisting with the preparation and maintenance of network analysis systems, dispute avoidance measures and the drafting of critical correspondence.

Teaming Arrangements
  In the early days of its existence, CCSI prepared and pursued Contract Disputes Act (CDA) claims to the point where they had received the Final Decision by the Contacting Officer and, if necessary, was prepared to file an appeal with the appropriate agency Board of Contact Appeals at which time either CCSI or its client would bring an attorney onboard for the first time. It was repeatedly noted that far too much money and valuable time and effort was being spent during the handoff and ramp up phase, if and when it became necessary to bring an attorney onto the litigation team. In addition, such a handoff was both confusing and very disruptive to the officers within its clients construction company. Possibly, even more importantly, critical records, information and data were lost or overlooked during the handoff. To a great extent, these problems and situations were totally eliminated when CCSI entered into formal teaming arrangements with a team of attorneys, each with their own fields of expertise within the general area of bid protest or Federal contract law. These teaming arrangements have been in effect for approximately five years and have been fine tuned and perfected to such a degree that the handoff and ramp up process is totally seamless and far less visible to the management staff within the construction company. An unexpected but extremely valuable spin off of these teaming arrangements is the ability of the attorney to effectively react to unanticipated situations during depositions, and examination and cross-examination of witnesses during trial.

Client Relationship
  CCSI maintains close and personal contact with its clients and is fully devoted to customer satisfaction regardless of the cost. This devotion is reflected in the fact that, except for those companies that have merged or gone out of business, it still actively supports all of the clients that came onboard during its first year of existence.

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