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  Construction Contract Specialists (CCSI) is very proud of its long and very successful record of assisting both new and seasoned contractors in their quest to be declared as the lowest responsive and responsible bidder on Request for Bids (RFBs) and to be considered the overall “best value” to the Government on Request for Proposals (RFPs). This support includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Review the drawings and specifications for the purpose of pointing out to management any provisions that might be unique to this particular solicitation package for which extra money needs to be included in the bid;
  • Perform constructability reviews of the drawings and specifications;
  • Analyze defects in the specifications to determine if they are latent or patent and the significance to the Contractor if they don’t report them to the Contracting Officer;
  • Provide advice and/or interpretation with regard to ambiguous specifications;
  • Depending on the length and depth of the past association with the client, prepare complete RFP packages with minimal assistance from the client;
  • In the alternative, prepare certain parts of the RFP package and certain exhibits to the package;
  • Defend against bid protest filed by competitors seeking to void its clients bid;
  • Provided no conflict of interest exists, prepare formal bid protest packages for transmission to the Procurement Agency or the Comptroller General’s Office;
  • Work with estimators to assure that they have not overlooked any major items that should be included in lump sum firm fixed bid prices.
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