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  Construction Contract Specialists (CCSI) has personnel on its staff with the proper expertise and experience to take a potential dispute from its inception through the request for an equitable adjustment (REA) stage and, if necessary, completely through the request of a Final Decision by the Contracting Officer and even the appeal of that final decision if such is deemed necessary.

  Attorney or consultant fees expended while preparing a formal Contract Disputes Act (CDA) claim against the Government are not reimbursable from the Federal Government. CCSI understands the various laws, agency Board of Contract Appeals decisions and decisions of the various Federal courts sufficiently to severely limit these disallowable costs. In many instances CCSI will demonstrate to their clients that it is a smart business decision to bring the attorney on board during preparation of a Request for an Equitable Adjustment (REA). By doing this, the potential adverse affects of what many times is an inevitable handoff can and will, for all practical purposes, be avoided thereby assuring a seamless handoff if an appeal of the CO's Final Decision is required. The quality and legal correctness of the REA will almost certainly be enhanced which could save money over the long haul by avoiding unnecessary litigation. This ability, willingness and provision of the necessary resources to make this seamless handoff is a very important attribute that separates our consulting firm from its competitors.

  Alternate dispute resolution (ADR) is often a very attractive alternative to preparing for and attending a traditional trail or hearing. However, it is necessary to understand the advantages and disadvantages. CCSI personnel have extensive experience with the ADR process and regularly advises its clients whether ADP might be a viable option after understanding their particular situation.

Specifically, CCSI is available to assist with:

  • The seamless transition from being assisted by CCSI to being represented by a very reputable and highly qualified law firm including the ramping up of the law firm;
  • The preparation of the rough draft of a request for a Final Decision by the CO;
  • Coordination with the law firm during the editing and perfection of the rough draft of a request for a Final Decision by the CO;
  • CCSI regularly saves its clients a substantial amount of money by delaying the need for an attorney and by eventually assisting the attorney with research and the technical analysis of large files or huge amounts of technical information obtained during discovery.
  • Except in rare instances, CCSI can effectively fill the role of the attorneys technical representative present during any depositions and seated at the front table during any hearing before the agency Board of Contract Appeals and any Federal Court;
  • Provide expert witness testimony in areas of Government Contract Administration, delay and impact analysis and unified soil classification system.
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