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Webb Electric Company of Florida, Inc.
3194 West Nine Mile Road
Pensacola, Florida 32534
850-477-8181 Fax 850-477-8922

Webb Electric is a medium sized company specializing in medium/high voltage installations or upgrades and the installation of runway lighting systems.

  "Webb Electric Company has used the services of Paul Perkins and CCSI many times over the past 10 years. Mr. Perkins is always willing to tackle new projects and new task. He is aggressive about performing the necessary research to make new endeavors successful. Paul has a wealth of knowledge about the Federal Acquisition Regulations and with the advent of the internet there is almost no FAR Clause or other government publication he can’t find and use to his advantage. His experienced gives him the ‘contracting officer’s’ perspective on contractual issues. Consequently, his writings often are the sole component that turns dispute resolution in the clients favor.”
- Allen J. Lukkar, Project Manager

  “Mr. Perkins’ knowledge of construction case law is exceptional. I have personally known Mr. Perkins for 10 years. In those years, Mr. Perkins has provided this company with advice, construction management, and quality control services. He has an exceptional ability to respond to some of the most complex issue that arise in this industry. Mr. Perkins’ resources are unlimited and his unique skill for collecting information and presenting it is remarkable. Mr. Perkins manages his time as well as I’ve seen in the business. Webb Electric Company highly recommends to contractors in general to acquire or pursue the services provided by CCSI and Mr. Perkins.”
- Daniel A. Webb, Vice President

Green Construction Co., Inc.
10109 Marine City Highway
Ira Township, MI 48023
586-725-4400 Fax 586-725-4455

Greg Construction is a medium sized company specializing in the construction and renovation of government, postal and commercial facilities and the procurement and installation of store fixtures for such companies as K-Mart, Food Lion, and Sears.

“We have received the settlement on the above mentioned case. If it were not for your relentless efforts and intense knowledge, professionalism and expertise we would not have been able to support and argue our case so convincingly. Your step-by-step documentation and facts excelled over the entire mediation hearing. The Contracting Officer and federal mediation judge both commented to me, in the last round of mediation, how well presented our case was. I agree with them totally. Even in the most stressful period of the case you maintained the necessary focus to lead us to a successful conclusion.”
- Lester A. Pfent, Jr., President

Extreme Coatings, Inc.
P.O. Box 1184
306 South 2nd Ave.
Pasco, WA 99301
509-545-0570 Fax 509-545-0580 or

Extreme Coatings, Inc. specializes in painting or otherwise coating navigational lock miter gates, spillway tainter gates, stop logs for both locks and dams, etc.

“As usual, I am amazed at how well you put these things together.”
- Stacie Olson, Vice President

Henderson Electric Heat & Air Cond., Inc.
648-3A Anchors St. N.W.
Fort Walton Beach, Florida 32548
850-243-2223 Fax 850-664-5616

Henderson Electric is a medium sized company specializing in highly complex industrial and military construction projects involving exterior and interior electrical, communication, data collection and transmission, fire protection and related systems.

“Your knowledge and skills related to Federal Acquisitions Regulations, Federal Government specifications, preparation of mandatory administrative requirements, i.e. Quality Control Plans, Accident Prevention Plans, and Network Analysis Systems, together with your abilities to write factual meaningful and highly technical letters, whether they are for filing bid protests or assisting in the defense of bid protests, or preparing for an REA (Request for Equitable Adjustment), or matters pertaining to contractual disputes has been very effective in helping Henderson Electric in its dealings with Federal contracts.”
- Doug Henderson, President

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